4 easy ways to save on Christmas

Christmas is the period of the year, along with summer vacations, in which we spend more money. If during the year we worry about saving it seems logical to try to do it also at Christmas.

Mind you, when we talk about saving, we don’t really do it from the perspective of not enjoying the Christmas holidays, but of doing it in a more rational way and according to our pockets. That is, try to enjoy the Christmas holidays but not spend more than necessary.

In addition to saving, you can also try to earn more money each month, which can come in handy at times like Christmas or for your vacation

Not spending too much is saving


And this is the first point that we must keep in mind. In the case of Christmas, we can apply the paradigm that spending less is equivalent to saving . This is especially true if the money we are able to release from excessive spending effectively ends up in savings, either through savings insurance or any other format a tool that we choose.

Taking into account that you should not spend more than necessary, you will be able to take the second step to save correctly at Christmas: plan purchases.

Plan purchases


Prices rise at Christmas, the closer to the more expensive holidays are the products in the shopping cart related to these dates. But, even more, leaving the purchases last minute and not doing them in a rational way will lead us to spend without any doubt more than necessary.

Therefore, plan everything. Start by planning the shopping cart including the special menus that you are going to make or want to consume the holidays . Take advantage of the freezer in your fridge and buy in advance those foods that you know are going to rise in price. You can even substitute products for alternative ones without losing quality in your recipes.

As for gifts, use planning too. Think clearly to whom you give your gifts, what they like and what you can afford. Think global, as a whole of spending. Thinking about each gift individually always adds more money , make a budget and adjust to it by distributing purchases.

Take advantage of all offers and pre-purchase possibilities in advance . If you have taken advantage of Black Friday well, if you have discount coupons well, if there are offers before Christmas, good.

Don’t give in to the impulse of compulsive buying


Christmas is a period of mass shopping. If it is also accompanied in our salary with an extra pay or a bonus, it seems that we are obliged to spend, but this is not only not the case; It should be the opposite.

The compulsive purchase is one of the greatest enemies of saving . It is good that you allocate a part of your extraordinary income to the extraordinary expenses that Christmas brings, but, according to the previous points.

Spend less and plan what you buy. Not falling into compulsive shopping, in addition to saving money, will allow you to make better use of your income for more useful purposes.

Make yourself a good gift and save for the future

If you have ever stopped to think about what percentage of the salary the retirement pension will receive in the future, it is very likely that you have already become aware of the importance of saving for retirement . If you have done it, and you already have a contracted product, this is a good time to, with the money saved at Christmas, make an extraordinary contribution to your savings product. Definitely a great gift.

If you still don’t have savings products, such as retirement plans , probably one of the best gifts you can give yourself is to subscribe one of these products. No matter the format or the tool, the case is to start saving as soon as possible to be able to supplement the income of your retirement pension in the future and, thus, lose as little purchasing power as possible.

In this article you can see how the sooner you start saving the better it will go to your future pocket.

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