A consolidation loan for companies

Debt removal of companies towards ZUS and Tax Office, loans, borrowings, leases and contractors – it is necessary to build a coherent brand image on the market, it gives the opportunity to develop the company or exit the financial hole.

By choosing one of the solutions below, you can be sure that the proposed methods and projects will not only be unique in terms of effectiveness but also will add your company’s additional driving force to development. As a result, your company will become one of the best and most dynamically operating on the market.

Our experts prepare comprehensive projects that cover all aspects of getting out of debt and / or developing your business and will make you stand out from the competition and encourage new customers to take advantage of your company’s offer. We create coherent and comprehensive methods that will help you get out of debt.

What is the standard approach to debt relief for ZUS and US companies, loans, borrowings, leases and contractors?

  • written negotiations with creditors: negotiating measures, appeals
  • debt repayment thanks to a consolidation loan: short- or long-term loan, minimal interest rate
  • repayment of debt thanks to a private loan secured by real estate

What else do you gain?

  • additional repayment of contractors, credits and loans in full . We leave no unpaid obligations. You have one installment and one loan. You can pay off a non-bank loan in several ways. Taking a bank loan after 3-6 months of repayment of a private loan, selling the property, receiving financing from a completed project or investment, co-financed with a loan.

A consolidation loan for companies for repayment of loans and non-bank loans as well as contractors


A business bank loan, although most often used, is not perfect financing, because there is simply no such one. When choosing the type of financing, take into account the pros and cons of each. Each company is a different economic and financial situation, which is why not every solution for one company will be good for another.

A private loan secured by real estate is a solution for those companies which, having their assets, are unable to use bank financing due to poor credit history or arrears. However, also for companies that want to quickly obtain funds for important investments.

Debt loan for companies

Debt loan

  • from 100 thousand PLN up to 500 thousand zł
  • without guarantors and certificates
  • for any purpose up to 144 installments

Real estate loan for companies

  • from 100 thousand PLN up to PLN 10 million
  • with a bailiff, auction or recovery
  • without verification of debtors’ registers and certificates from ZUS and Tax Office
  • financing in 24 hours
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