Alpha Omega TV-15 Years of Christian Satellite Broadcasting

Tudor Peshan, President of Alpha Omega TV: At that time, there were no sectarian or religious TV channels in Romania and in this part of the world. Without asking our permission, people from Bucharest started broadcasting on the first morning of June. And ten days later, specifically, on Ascension Day that year, June 11, we officially approved the TV channel and declared its birth in the skies all over Romania and Europe.

Ministry officials spoke about the importance of Alpha Omega and how he supports the Church. Dr Joseph Ton, professor:

The Word of God is spreading throughout Romania and the world through broadcast information, television shows and seminars. Shortly after they started broadcasting via satellite, I started my Kingdom of God educational series. One was titled “The Mystery of the Kingdom of God”, the second was “Two Kingdoms at War” and the third was “The Power of the Lord Jesus and the Kingdom of God”.

It is one of the important ministries of the church because it serves evangelism through the media. The goodness of God is poured out through this ministry. Then there is the maturing of the new believer’s disciples and the faith of the local church through a wide variety of programs and resource approaches for discipleship and growth with the local church. Airy Popa, pastor, Romanian Church of Peniel – Vienna, Austria:

Claudiu Lăpădat, pastor of the Church of the Holy Trinity – Timisoara, Romania: The TV shows of recent years have had a huge impact on people’s lives.

I think the program created by Alpha Omega is linked to our generation, to the needs of Romanians all over the world and to the questions they ask themselves. Alpha Omega also has the courage to walk spiritually in areas such as using the gifts of the Holy Spirit, praying for people, healing, saving, and restoring relationships. Upon seeing the program, they were in awe of the presence of God. They were also healed. Some people have received the main response to the situational crisis of life. Some were saved, some were healed by praying for salvation and accepting Christ into their hearts, others were spiritually mature and educated to live spiritually. There is also. Lucian ChiÈ™, Pastor Aletheia Christian Center – Timisoara, Romania:

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