Around County Runnels

Around County Runnels

A special event was held in the course of the school’s Winters High School Winters High School

Winters High School will be named”king” and “queen” at the end of Friday’s halftime presentation which took place at Blizzard Stadium.

Queen’s potential candidates include (left beginning with left , moving to the left and then towards left): Myra Ochoa, McCaelyn Beuschel, Alyssara Rorigges and Ashton Reyna.

candidates that are King’s”candidates” in the position that of “candidate” (left in front of right, and the other ) It is arranged alphabetically in order, starting on the left and ending with the right (beginning on the right and ending the leftmost): Jon Kullen Busher, Chaney Bahlman, Trent Hamilton and Mason Crowe.

There will be a Catfish themed dinner that begins at 5:45 p.m. beginning at 7:15 p.m. in the Winters ISD cafeteria. The cost of the meal will be $11.00. The proceeds be donated toward FFA Winters. Winters FFA.

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The Library is accessible to the public in winter.

by Susan Minzenmayer

It was a great day in The Winters Public Library. We were thrilled to take part in the programs held by the library and taking part in the many activities we offer our patrons all through the season. The theme of this year’s event was Tails & Tales. Students were captivated by the fascinating life of insects, and other animals which live on Earth. The program gave students the opportunity to become acquainted with the creatures for their time. After the event , students were treated to a day filled full of fun by the water. Hot dogs and water were served for dinner.

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