Camp Out Hunger 2021 – Day 4

Day 4 of our 3rd Annual Hunger Camp is coming to its last hours and what a day it has been! I say this with the greatest sense of pride and gratitude.

We started the freezing morning with one loaded truck and one just starting to fill up. Of course, this is the day when the call to action really shines because it’s been busy all day, even from the moment we woke up.

It was a pleasant surprise to find the donated item dropped off overnight, even the invitation is open for people to knock on the door of one of the trailers in the wee hours of the morning, most of the overnight deposits were made in silence.

A big thank you to Sam’s Club and their generosity throughout the event, even over the past three years they have been just amazing helping us daily with food for us, the on-air staff, several huge donation pallets, and even a bunch of boxes to help us pack trucks more efficiently.

Today was the day of some large donations including this morning the sound of three Sam’s Club pallet trucks dropping 4 pallets full of items, then we were surprised by a “homeless” man who wished to remain anonymous , who only had his car and his very limited resources brought us all coffees and donuts, a heartfelt moment.

The central church returned with several carts and a surprise came when a Pepsi truck pulled up and loaded two pallets full of spring water. The stories and the giving continued throughout the day. We even had to rearrange the space in the two trucks to make more room for food donations. Many thanks to everyone who donated, we couldn’t do it without you and your kind support.

Tomorrow will mark the last day of Camp Out Hunger 2021, we will be receiving donations again until Saturday afternoon, thank you again for making it a huge success every year!

Here are some of today’s flagship images seen through the lens of my camera.

Camp Out Hunger – Day 4

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