Cathedral of Hope Acquires Believe Out Loud, a Global Digital Project Providing Resources and Community for LGBTQIA People of Faith and Their Allies

DALLAS, October 5, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Cathedral of Hope United Church of Christ, known as the largest predominantly LGBTQ + church in the world, is pleased to announce the acquisition and partnership with Believe Out Loud. Believe Out Loud will become a cathedral program that will promote the message of God’s love for all, regardless of the tradition of faith.

As a new program of Cathedral of Hope, Believe Out Loud’s mission is to meet the needs of spiritual content suitable for the LGBTQIA community. These resources will go beyond tolerance and acceptance and use the LGBTQIA experience as a framework for understanding the divine.

“In the face of constant efforts to bring different people out of public space, it is essential to remain anchored in the deep faith that all people are worthy of God’s love, ”said Rev. Dr. Neil G. Thomas, Senior Pastor of the Cathedral of Hope. “We are delighted to partner with Believe Out Loud to spread this message and be a space of affirmation for all people of faith and our allies.”

Launched in 2007 as the Religious Voices Project, the original mission of Believe Out Loud was to determine the position of the main Protestant clergy on the equality of gays and lesbians and to evaluate methods to further advance the clergy towards l acceptance of LGBT people. Believe Out Loud has evolved into an online community for LGBTQIA people of all faith traditions and allies.

Under the direction of Cathedral of Hope, Believe Out Loud aspires to be a more diverse space, working to unite people of different faiths and religious backgrounds. Victoria Anderson, a former digital and creative content associate for Believe Out Loud, has joined the cathedral staff as director of content development.

About the Cathedral of Hope
Cathedral of Hope, a United Church of Christ (UCC) congregation based in Dallas, Texas, is the largest liberal Christian church in the world with a primary awareness of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender people. Learn more about

About believing out loud
Believe Out Loud is a global digital community that works to bring all people to an expansive and transformative understanding of divine love. Learn more about

SOURCE Cathedral of Hope, United Church of Christ

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