Intruders break into church on southeast side three times in one day, pastor says

SAN ANTONIO –Pastor Louise Benson, of the Greater New Genesis Christian Center, says the church has been at its location on the southeast side for almost a decade and what happened is certainly a first.

The Christian center located in block 100 of Hanna Street was broken into on Thursday.

Benson, who was off the property, says she received a notification that the church’s alarm system went off that afternoon. She says she immediately notified the police. Benson says he was given a case number and was told it was a false alarm.

It wasn’t until the pastor arrived at the church that she quickly realized that this was not a false alarm. Security camera footage showed intruders who came to the church three times a day.

Security cameras at the Greater New Genesis Christian Center not only captured the moments when intruders broke into the church, but also a patrol unit arriving at the scene around the same time and doing nothing, Benson said. .

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“They didn’t think enough of the church to go out and patrol the perimeter and see what was going on around the outside of the church because, if they had, they would have caught them red-handed.” , Benson said.

Considering it was daylight, the suspects performed what Benson says was a well-thought-out operation. The burglars dug a hole in the side of the building, gaining direct access to the church sanctuary.

“I’m at a loss for words that someone would be so brave in the middle of the day to dig a hole in the wall and take what belongs to God. I’m angry for it, ”Benson said.

Benson says the suspects took much of the centre’s audio system. While they are still taking inventory, she says microphones, switchboards and monitors are also among the stolen items.

The Christian Center is offering a $ 5,000 reward to anyone who can provide information that could lead to an arrest and recover their audio system.

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