Long-time Russian missionary Eileen Emch dies at 68

Eileen Emch, a self-proclaimed “Amerikanka” who served as a missionary in Russia for 22 years, died suddenly in her sleep, friends of her supportive congregation said on Saturday.

Eileen Emch visits Mount Ararat in Turkey in 2019.

Emch, 68, worked with a Church of Christ in Rostov-on-Don, a port city on the Sea of ​​Azov in southwest Russia. She recently moved to Dallas, where she planned to continue serving the Prestoncrest Church of Christ as librarian of the congregation. Days before her death, she had volunteered for the church‘s holiday Bible school, preacher Gordon Dabbs said. The Christian Chronicle.

In a June 4 social media post, Emch wrote, “I’ve been in Russia for over 22 years, including the weird and wacky COVID year. My Prestoncrest “mission heroes” made me consider moving and I agree. It seems like the right time to step back. Lots of thoughts, emotions and memories.

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