Ministry of Interior launches Qatar Digital ID Card app

On the sidelines of the 14th edition of the Milipol Qatar exhibition, the Ministry of the Interior launched the “Qatar Digital ID Card” application service. This is part of the constant efforts of the Ministry of Interior to provide the latest and most distinguished services to citizens and residents, and to contribute effectively to the national digital transformation among all ministries and authorities in the country. State of Qatar, and as part of efforts to achieve the objectives of Qatar Vision 2030 and the strategic plans of the Ministry of Interior.

The new “Digital ID Card” service provides the highest degree of confidence in obtaining users’ digital identities through a secure and easy-to-use application that helps reduce identity theft crimes in cyberspace. Facial recognition of users stored at the Home Office was introduced as a key factor in forming digital identification. This involves authenticating the validity and authenticity of the identity of persons eligible for the service and monitoring the protection and security of electronic transactions on the Internet to establish the notion of “secure cyberspace”.

Users’ identities are also created and linked to a persons unique electronic signature, which includes national digital certificates that can be used by users through the application to approve electronic procedures and transactions to align with laws. and the laws in force in the State of Qatar and protect these transactions against falsification and fraud. It also provides a convenient and reliable way to prove the identity of the signer on transactions to avoid signature refusal cases and raise the level of trust in electronic transactions in the State of Qatar and globally. .

In the same way, electronic seals are also being introduced, which will allow the Ministry of the Interior, initially, and then all other ministries and various bodies, to electronically seal the certificates and documents issued by them to protect them against forgery and forgery.
The app will also provide users with an easy way to access the Home Office’s electronic services website as an alternative to using the current card reader method for the plastic chip card.

The application will contain the digital wallet, which provides storage and access to services for identity card and electronically signed and sealed transactions for individuals at the Home Office. The digital wallet includes cards issued by the Ministry of Interior, including a digital copy of the plastic Qatari ID card, driver’s license and vehicle license.

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