The church organizes medical and humanitarian activities in the FCT community

A religious organization, Calvary Bread of Life Ministries, conducted a medical and community awareness campaign in Kado Kuchi, a community in Jahi 1, Federal Capital Territory, on Saturday.
Outreach held at LEA Primary School, Kado Kuchi, involved free medical examination and treatment, health talks, medical tests, food and material donations, evangelism and donation of Bibles, among others.
In an exclusive interview with our reporter, the president of Calvary Youth Fellowship (the ministry’s youth wing), Mr. Musa David, said that this is the first time the ministry has embarked on such evangelism and that the church came with doctors to diagnose and treat more than 300 sick people in the community.
He said, “Evangelism is part of our programs to extend God’s love. We came with a lot of drugs. We have six doctors. We have nurses and pharmacists here looking after people. If the disease is of the type that the doctors here cannot treat, we will refer the person to the hospital. We also take the opportunity to preach the word of God to the people. We also shared Bibles with people.
“Although we are Christians, the program is open to both Christians and Muslims, as you can see. We are not biased. God loves every human being, regardless of religion. We came with food items such as rice, noodles, salt, among others. We also came with clothes for men, women, children, boys and girls and sanitary napkins for ladies.
“The heads of Kado Kuchi and Jahi 1 came here and were examined by the doctors. It may interest you to know that some of our doctors are Muslim. We prepared medicine for 300 people and I am happy that the result was massive. The Institute of Human Virology donated equipment and test kits to us, so we will report our findings to them at the end of the day.
“If we can touch five lives and other organizations touch many more, the poverty situation in Nigeria will be reversed. We cannot do it alone. If you can afford three full meals, can you skip one and give it to someone else? Charity is on an individual basis. We can only advise, but will not force anyone.
“There are other poverty stricken communities in Abuja, some organizations should consider doing outreach there. It’s the right thing to do as Christians. We have to show love. The recipients of this evangelism can give glory to God, not to us as an organization. Everything we do is for God. He should be grateful to God, not to us.
Blueprint reports that more than 500 community residents have turned to outreach, with men, women, young boys, girls and children receiving medical treatment and receiving food items, clothing and other gifts. .
Residents were tested for HIV, hepatitis and malaria, and many received medication for malaria and typhoid.

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