“They advised organ donation. At that time the prayer of faith did not come for me’

“It was a Thursday, June 2014. My husband, Tim, had gone into the bedroom for an afternoon nap. He was tired. But it was too early for him to fall asleep, so I went to wake him up. When I did that, there was no response.

I shook him hard. I saw the color of his face. It was turning blue. The color of his lips had changed. I felt something was very wrong, so I called the ambulance.

It seemed too long to me. They took maybe ten minutes to come. We had three children, aged seven, three and six months. Tim had just started his studies at Bible college. While waiting for the ambulance, I prayed to God. I prayed for forgiveness.

When the paramedics saw Tim, they stripped his clothes and hurriedly hooked him up to a respirator. They took him to the hospital.

At first I thought he would be better if he got some sleep. He was so tired. But Tim didn’t wake up after a day. The first interview with the doctors was terrible. They couldn’t find a reason. They said he was brain dead. He had no pupillary response. There was no oxygen entering his brain. They said there was no hope.

I contacted our church and we prayed and fasted for three days. Over time, it got worse. Many people came to visit the hospital and prayed. But the news from the doctors was that there was no hope. On the third day, the doctors advised me to think about organ donation. Tim couldn’t survive the week. Her body was all red and swollen.

At the time, the prayer of faith did not come for me. I was discouraged. The doctor kept saying there was no hope. He said you don’t need to pray, it’s no use. I wrote to my mother in Korea and told her to come the next day.

The next day we entered the intensive care unit. We looked at Tim’s body and I saw his fingers move slightly. As I approached, I saw that her red and swollen body had changed. His face shone. After a while, Tim woke up and said to me, “I met Jesus. I went to heaven. He started crying. He didn’t stop crying for two days. He said Jesus’ voice was beautiful. He said Jesus told him it was not his time yet.

I know God performed a miracle. Everyone at the hospital agreed that it was a miracle. At the time, I clung to the verses of Ezekiel 37, about dry bones coming to life. Every day, I spoke the verses out loud in Korean. At the end there is a promise: “I will make a covenant of peace with them; it will be an eternal covenant. I will establish them and increase their number, and I will put my sanctuary among them forever. My home will be with them; I will be their God and they will be my people. (v26-27)

After Tim came back to life, it took a long time for his body and mind to stabilize. It took him a year to slowly recover. He couldn’t work or study all that time. The church prayed a lot and God used the prayers of many people. I can’t express it very well, but I know it was the grace of God. It wasn’t my faith. At first, I was amazed by the miracle. However, the treatment and recovery process was so long and difficult. Tim was unstable for a long time and I had to work and take care of our children. It was not easy.

But it changed us. Tim is more humble now. He was a little arrogant before. We have become more united as a family. We now have daily family worship times. We have become even more dedicated to Jesus. I know it was a miraculous time back then, but I believe that how we live now in the present is even more important than what happened in the past. God wants us to be humble, holy, and united now. This is what he does in us.

Soo Kim’s story is part of Eternityfrom the Faith Stories series, compiled by Naomi Reed. Click here for more faith stories.

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